The Catholic Catechism

The Catholic Catechism

Cardinal Peter GASPARRI

A truly complete catechism in which every doctrine is explained and illustrated by rich quotations from popes, councils, Fathers and Doctors, many of them little known.  Cardinal Gasparri’s work is the perfect response to the wish expressed both by the Council of Trent, and by that of the Vatican, that a Catechism should be published for use in the Universal Church with the view that "as there is one Lord and one faith, so too there should be some one general rule and method employed in teaching the faithful the duties of the Christian religion."  Suitable for older children and adults.

25,00 €
25,00 €
ISBN : 2-84519-148-0
Nombre de pages : 508 (1 volume)
Format : 14,5x20,5
Type d'édition : Fac-simile
Langue : Anglais
Etat : Neuf