THE HISTORY OF HERESIES, and their refutation
Histoire de l'Eglise

THE HISTORY OF HERESIES, and their refutation

Saint Alphonsus M. LIGUORI

St. Alphonsus's History of Heresies gives the history of every heresy and sect that has afflicted the Church from the six mentioned in the New Testament up until Jansen, Quesnel, Molinos and others of the author's contemporaries in the eighteenth century.  The translator has added an account of the nineteenth century heretical sects such as Mormonism, Methodism and Swedenborgianism.  But the saint is no mere historian: he devotes almost as much space to a beautiful, clear and convincing refutation of each of the heresies he recounts, drawing lessons and inspiration from their shameful origins, aberrations and falls.  At St. Alphonsus's hands, no heresy is handled with compromise and no obstinate heretic meets with any sympathy. This classic will please all who love the Church and all who already appreciate the writings of St. Alphonsus, Doctor of the Church.  The work is long out of print and not available from any other source.

ISBN : 2-84519-354-8
Nombre de pages : 820 (2 volumes)
Format : 14,5x20,5
Type d'édition : Fac-simile
Langue : Anglais
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