The Blind Apostle
Vie de Saints et de Héros

The Blind Apostle

Kathleen O'MEARA

The life of Monseigneur Gaston de Ségur (1820-1821) is one of heroic patience, zeal, and piety, under an affliction with would have crushed any soul which was not sustained, hour after hour, by continual union with God. For six-and-twenty years he persevered in preaching and hearing confessions of students, soldiers, working men, and of the poor, daily and without intermission, in total blindness.  Read of his holiness, his battles, his persecution by Freemasons and Carbonari as well as his great influence on his times.  This book will inspire you to read Mgr de Ségur’s writings others of which we hope shortly to make available to the English-speaking world.

ISBN : 2-84519-133-2
Nombre de pages : 156 (1 volume)
Format : 14,5x20,5
Type d'édition : Fac-simile
Langue : Anglais
Etat : Neuf